Peaur Natural Mineral Water

Water has matured since the olden days when we could rely on any random 'water from a bottle' to keep us hydrated. But what we drank earlier - packaged water - doesn't do enough to support the dynamic lifestyle of this era. Packaged water is stripped of impurities and over stripped of minerals and electrolytes, which are essential to good health. But the Peaur Natural Mineral Water from the house of Hielo Beverages has been scientifically developed incorporating adequate minerals that the harshness of modern life is demanding enough on the human body. The Peaur Natural Mineral Water is natural water from the Himalayan foothills that delivers natural minerals easily soaked up by the human body.

Available in sizes of 250 ml, 500 ml, & 1 litre bottles, the water is bottled in the serene valleys of Northern India of Rishikesh, Dehradun and Jammu, at source from a pure and untouched underground moving stream aquifer. These aquifers are one of the grandest and most wholesome sources worldwide, providing a perpetual source of natural mineral water. The catchment zone has no human movement and is contamination-free. Every drop passes through levels of rock, sand and silt for several years. These layers act as natural sieves and keeps the water naturally clean and bacteria-free. During this passage, the pure water picks up vital minerals and acquires its fine, matchless taste before reaching an underground lake. Next time, when you feel thirsty, don’t ‘just’ pick up a bottle to quench your thirst, choose Hielo and feel the difference. With Hielo, you will feel much more energised, hydrated for a longer time and your body will thank you for providing it the necessary minerals.