Hielo Beverages India Private Limited is a reputed organisation engaged in manufacturing the finest assortment of high-grade, Export Quality Natural Mineral Water, Natural Sparkling Water, Natural Nectar based Fruit Juice Jams and Sauces. Our brand ‘PEAUR’ represents purity, untaintedness and extreme goodness. Our USP of being ‘superior’ and ‘natural’ is what sets us apart and hence chosen by patrons who prefer natural to artificial, overall health to simply quenching thirst and ready to pay that premium to get something extraordinary. We operate from our massive infrastructural units operated by the best technicians that helps us in processing high-quality products. We ensure that the products are of premium quality by maintaining extremely high quality standards coupled with aligning our manufacturing abilities to the International market guidelines and standards. Next time when you feel the need to quench your thirst- pick up PEAUR and feel the difference! Stay Healthy, Stay Pure


To be the leaders in our business and to bring to life the health and wealth of our patrons. We aim to achieve ‘Ideal Performance’, by providing healthy beverages; minimize our impact on the Mother Nature; reduce our operating costs and deliver a healthy & comprehensive workplace to our employees


Our mission asserts our ideals as a company and serves as a benchmark against which we measure our deeds and judgements:

  • Providing premium quality beverages which can be the top choice for all generations
  • Utilizing our market knowledge to deliver breakthroughs in our range of products
  • Incorporating the highest standards of corporate culture in our relationships with our stakeholders
  • Setting a benchmark in sustainable development


"We are because of the people we have.Our people and mentors who curate this vision are our true gemful asset. Those who believe in purity and making our surroundings more healthy and liveable. Our tenacious team works obsessively round the clock with utmost dedication, they all are trailblazers in our journey to make this world a healthy planet through Hielo Beverages India".

Mr. Piyush Mathur


Mr. Piyush Mathur is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Managing Director of Hielo Beverages Private Limited. He is responsible for leading capital-raising and marketing activities for the brand in the domestic market. Over the past year, he is working as a core brand member to plan and strategize short and long term goals. He has been instrumental in the expansion and diversification of Hielo’s Beverages which is primarily focused on natural mineral and sparkling water as well as natural fruit juices adding in the manufacturing cart range. Known to be highly innovative, hard-working and energetic person, he derives to become one of the aspiring entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industry.

Apart from the leading F&B flagship brand, his experience includes some global alignments, where he has successfully implemented the responsibilities as a Managing Director/ President at Olympus International Associates in India. Being an enthusiastic promoter of the company, Mr. Piyush Mathur desires to create a brand with core values on quality and deep commitment on craft.

Born in India, he earned his High School Degree from Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies. He gained his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management from Indian Institute of Planning and Management, Pune. And he further proceeded to Belgium to pursue a Master’s Degree in International Business from International Management Institute.

Based on his diversified learning/experience, his core expertise include Managing Operations, Brand Relations and Global and Domestic Marketing Channel management apart from building customer trust, focus, thought-leadership and team spirit to reach desired results.